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Upright Support Sprained Thumb Brace| Top Grade Spica Splint/Stabilizer/Cast For Tendonitis/Sports Injuries/Carpal Tunnel/Sprain/Arthritis Pain Relief & Recovery


  • FASTER RECOVERY & UNMATCHED SOOTHING: The Upright Support thumb brace was specifically designed to provide you with all the pain relief you need. Whether you suffer from arthritis, sprained thumb, carpal tunnel syndrome, skier’s/ game keeper’s thumb, this Spica splint will support your thumb and wrist, while allowing for reduced recovery time.
  • DESIGNED FOR MAXIMUM COMFORT: Thanks to the smart design and the way our thumb brace is engineered, your hand will be able to stay comfortable and you’ll prevent any further injury. The lightweight and breathable design, allows you to wear it for as long as you want, without ever causing discomfort from heat or sweat.
  • AVAILABLE FOR BOTH LEFT & RIGHT HANDS: Our sprained thumb braces are available for both left and right hand. They’re super-easy to put on and they will not prevent you from using the rest of your fingers. The sleek yet discreet design is ideal for both men and women, and you can wear it during the day through all your activities, unlike other bulky designed braces.
  • THE BEST POST SURGERY SUPPORT: The advanced design of our thumb stabilizer focuses on your CMC and MP joints. This thumb cast is the perfect accessory for you especially if you recently underwent surgery. Enjoy faster recovery and stay free of pain, with the Upright Support Spica Splint.